About us
Quilts from Mulberry Lane evolved as a business, owned by Carolyn and Donald Springer, from our love of antique quilts and our admiration for the creativity of their makers. We started collecting antique quilts when Carolyn began quilting. A quilting instructor brought antique quilts to the class to illustrate certain techniques or design approaches to the students. Impressed that something so lovingly created so many years ago still spoke to her, we decided that we wanted to collect some of these works of art and began a search that still continues. That was over twenty-five years ago and we still seek out only quilts that we feel have that certain look to add to our collection.

Many of our antique quilts were beautifully made, then, safely put away, so they are almost like new. Others were used as their makers intended and we have hand-washed and then dried them in a special procedure to safeguard them and emphasize their best.

We sell from our collection of antique and vintage quilts ( circa 1850-1950) at quilt shows and through this website. At shows, we also have a variety of vintage quilt tops and blocks for sale. Please contact us if you would like more information on quilts seen in the photos of recent shows. We can furnish photos of individual quilts if you have a special request and are on the lookout for any quilts a customer may be trying to find in order to expand a collection.

For further information, you may reach us at:

E-Mail: info@quiltsmulberrylane.com

Phone or Text: (713) 416-0066